Liquid Music record label provides a full physical and digital distribution service for independent artists and labels.

Liquid Music record label will organise distribution of your product, nationally and/or internationally. We create and implement effective, targeted marketing strategies to ensure that the release of your product reaches its target market. We use cutting edge, innovative and also traditional distribution methods, to place releases most effectively into the market place.

Awareness of your product is critical to ensure its successful release. We will tailor a marketing campaign to successfully promote the release of your product.

We have the expertise, knowledge, passion and experience to ensure that the success of your product's release is optimised and that your expectations are not only realised, but exceeded.

You can upload an example of your product, using the form below.  This will assist us, when making contact with you, in advising you on how best to proceed with the planning of your release and its effective distribution.

If require distribution of your musical product in retail (physical) and/or digitally online, please contact us using the contact form below.

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