This brilliant album includes exclusive tracks from both Europe and North America's most popular artists and DJ's.  Junior Caldera, Parisienne and Abel "Haze" K1 are already well known in the clubs and now are welcoming a wide new audience.  Among these beautiful and exotic songs are "Heroine" by Haze K1:  "Little Senegal" By Jr. Caldera;  "Guilty Pleasures" by Community Spirit.

Ultimate Chillout combines rhythms for the soul and music for the heart.  You will not be disappointed with this unique and beautiful compilation.



Please note that, whilst the artist Jr Caldera features extensively on the Ultimate Chillout: Sensuality CD, that the track featured above, What You Get, is not included on the Ultimate Chillout: Sensuality compilation and is featured here for promotional purposes of the artist only.



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