With the release of Holding Back The Years, Jimmy Scott returns to the romantic ballads that brought this living legend to the forefront as a Jazz vocalist. Jimmy's performance on Holding Back The Years reminds us of the passion and exhilaration of his vocal ability and the uniqueness of his phrasing.

Much of the material on Holding Back The Years was completely new to Jimmy - this new release juxtaposes classics from Jimmy's repertoire with the material of contemporary songwriters such as Prince, Bryan Ferry, John Lennon, Mick Hucknall and Elton John - but without a single hesitation, Jimmy Scott tackled this new material with the excitement of a debut artist and the skill of the seasoned veteran that he is.

The wonderful album cover is by internationally known artist, Mark Kostabi, Jimmy's friend. Lou Reed has contributed linear notes to the album. The Bravo Network will soon be broadcasting a documentary on Jimmy's life. In Session at 54th will be taping a live performance in October hosted by David Byrne. Club performances are scheduled from September to December.

I first met Jimmy through the remarkable songwriter Doc Pomus. I'd heard about him for many years. At the gathering after Doc's passing, Jimmy sang. He has a voice of an angel and can break your heart. He did that day and others. I've heard and even sung with Jimmy many times since then. Here is the singer's singer if labels mean anything. Listening to Jimmy is like having a performing heart. The experience of life and the art of expression sing through Jimmy and make us partners in his incredible passion. I love him and I never want to say goodbye. When the song stops with Jimmy's last note, we're back n the world as it was. Not quite so pretty, not quite so passionate. And we can only wait for Jimmy to sing again and take us that little bit higher - Lou Reed


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